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by Rachael Keshishian

“New Year, New You” is not just about eating more salads and hitting the gym. Okay, for me it is, but this “fresh start” mentality goes for big companies too. Every new year brings new opportunities for brands to re-invent themselves and increase sales. McDonald’s is no exception. The fast food chain announced a “brand transformation,” changing its philosophy on how the company reaches and communicates with customers.


By Lauren Ambrose

RCG team members may not always make our beds in the morning, but now we’re thinking twice after a speech from Naval Adm. William McRaven.

In his recent commencement speech at the University of Texas at Austin, McRaven shares poignant lessons from his decorated naval career. It all starts with the first chore of the day. “Making the bed is a little task that reinforces how the little things in life matter,” says McRaven.

Since its upload on May 19, 2014, the video of McRaven’s address has gone viral — over 1.6 million views in just two weeks.  (more…)

By Staff

Joel began Rubin Communications in 1991 after a 15-year broadcasting career. His connections to local reporters and editors, as well as government and business leaders, made for a natural transition into a career in public relations.

It’s been nearly 25 years and many (many!) more clients since the beginning of Rubin Communications. To have a little fun with this week’s blog, we took a trip down memory lane and compiled an alphabetical listing of some our past and current clients. The easy part was finding the clients to match the letter; the hard part was deciding just which project or client to highlight. (more…)

by Danny Rubin

Account Manager, Rubin Communications Group

You can tell people about your company’s great work…or you can show them.

At Rubin Communications, we believe strongly in the use of high-quality video to help people tell their stories. In the past month, we’ve produced two videos to bring a client’s great work to life.