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by Amanda Gladstone

August is here and, as an intern, my endless summer has come to a close. Within the next week, my bags will be packed and I will be headed to the mountains for another year on campus at Virginia Tech. However, I will take a lot of new skills and experiences with me.

My time at Rubin Communications has been eye opening, challenging and exciting. The world of public relations is constantly spinning, and it’s impossible to know what to expect when you walk through the door in the morning.

There is rarely a dull moment in the RCG office, and a day can go from 0 to 60 within the blink of an eye. Here is a list of my top 5 RCG summer experiences:

  1. Seatack Elementary School’s Day on the Bay at Westminster Canterbury:  A partnership between the school and the senior living community in Virginia Beach. Field games, the beautiful bay and the priceless looks on the faces of a great group of kids.
  1. Virginia Beach Rescue Squad’s appearance on the Hampton Roads Show: Lights, camera, action. I was proud to see a couple of local heroes in the spotlight.
  1. Lunch and Learns: RCG’s team members have so much to offer the community. It was great to see people come from different industries to learn important PR skills like effective LinkedIn networking.
  1. Client Meetings: Every meeting presents an important opportunity to learn. RCG works with a variety of clients, and I observed how to run a meeting and engage with people from different businesses.
  1. Now Exiting: Comfort Zone: RCG has challenged me like never before. I have learned how to write an effective press release and even improved my phone conversation skills. These opportunities are only available outside of the classroom.

At my internship, I didn’t fetch coffee or to act as a receptionist. Rather, the internships drew me one step closer to a job in the real world. Internships are invaluable and, as I leave, I’ll never be able to fully thank the incredible team here at Rubin for my whirlwind of a summer.

You’re quite welcome, Amanda. Thanks for being a great intern, and good luck at VT in the fall.


By Rachael Keshishian

Clients often ask how we do it all. No day is “normal.” It takes planning and a lot of teamwork to get the job done and do it well. Luckily, our team features experienced PR professionals who care deeply about our work. Without each member, there’s no way we’d be able to provide the quality service we do.

Curious about an average day for an RCG account manger? Here’s a quick look at a “normal” day for me, specifically June 23, 2015.


Boy, is it a busy week for the public relations staff at Rubin Communications Group!

From an anniversary event in Virginia Beach to competitive senior games in Newport News and free oral cancer screenings in Charlottesville, our clients (see past and current clients) have us on our toes with events across the state. If you see it in the news, chances are we made it happen.

Here’s what’s happening at RCG this week:


The Virginia Dental Association (VDA) and its foundation had a big week of statewide press coverage February 23-27.


A public relations disaster in a public restroom: a soap dispenser with no soap, a dirty countertop or worst of all, an empty toilet paper roll.

We shudder at the thought.

But not all public bathrooms are doing it wrong! There are plenty of people who take their facilities above and beyond in cleanliness and design to offer patrons a positive experience. That’s why RCG created the Best Restroom Contest for our client, Cintas, and its hygiene division.


By Staff

Joel began Rubin Communications in 1991 after a 15-year broadcasting career. His connections to local reporters and editors, as well as government and business leaders, made for a natural transition into a career in public relations.

It’s been nearly 25 years and many (many!) more clients since the beginning of Rubin Communications. To have a little fun with this week’s blog, we took a trip down memory lane and compiled an alphabetical listing of some our past and current clients. The easy part was finding the clients to match the letter; the hard part was deciding just which project or client to highlight. (more…)

By Staff

The trend in marketing and PR today is to lean heavily on “big data” and use every analytic tool in sight to maximize, optimize and fine tune a campaign. At RCG, we rely on Facebook insights and Google Analytics to show us which posts do the best and how we can increase engagement on clients’ web and social media pages.

When it comes to ROI for traditional PR, the answers aren’t always so cut and dry. How does a client know the investment is worth it? 


Are you starting a new business from the ground up or opening a location in Hampton Roads? The team at Rubin Communications Group excels at getting a company up to speed in all phases of marketing and communications.
We created a seven-step process to ensure you are ready to showcase your business and capture invaluable media coverage about the big opening.