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By Joel Rubin

The year Jim Spore arrived in Virginia Beach from Garland, Texas was when I left WAVY TV to start what is now Rubin Communications Group.

Jim was 47, I was 38 in 1991, but it wasn’t long before our paths crossed. One of his first major assignments was the 76-mile Lake Gaston pipeline, a project that had begun nine years earlier and would cost, when finally completed, $150 million.


Fall has arrived, which means it’s time to trade your summer apparel for jeans and sweaters. Whether you are into the Halloween spirit, look to enjoy the fall weather with live music and food or want to dive into some arts and crafts, there’s always something going on.

Here at Rubin Communications Group, we also slow down to enjoy the beauty of the fall season. We asked our staff to share their favorite fall events.


…well, not all PR agencies but Rubin Communications can! We’re a full-service firm and can assist with all of your public relations and marketing needs – including websites.


You know the drill. Every year around this time parents scramble to complete the never-ending checklist to send their little ones back to school. Like proud parents on a child’s first day, we are excited to share the work of our clients for elementary, middle and high school students.

Enjoy a cup of coffee and some quiet time after the bus leaves, and find out how these clients earned an A+ in PR.

Students of all ages can go back to school with a healthy smile thanks to the staff at Hampton Roads Pediatric Dentistry (HRPD) and Behl Orthodontics.The groups paired up to promote the importance of regular check-ups in July and August at Sunday Funday, an event at Mt. Trashmore sponsored by Virginia Beach Parks and Rec. Parents stopped by to learn how to best care for their child’s teeth and had the chance to win prizes like an electric toothbrush.

School is officially back in session at the Strelitz Early Childhood Education Center. All spring and summer, we have worked with Strelitz on a new branding campaign and are in the final weeks of a website redesign. The campaign is called “Right from the Start” and the new website will drive home why Strelitz is the best place for your child to develop from ages 6 weeks to pre-K.

In August, elementary & middle school students prepped for the new school year with the help of the Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation (VBCDC) and Second Act Communities during a “Prep Rally”. In addition to giveaways, cheerleaders, mascots and a talk from Dr. Adolph Brown, a popular speaker on education, each of the 250 elementary and middle school students in attendance received a new backpack full of grade-specific school supplies.

College-bound high school students are guided by the advisors and supported by staff and donors at ACCESS College Foundation. ACCESS provides support to schools in Southside Hampton Roads over the last 26 years and has helped over 45,000 students receive a college education.

Still have a minute to spare? Let Billy Madison remind you about the struggles of going back to school:


If you’ve noticed recently, national news programs are full of repeat stories. Seems like everyone is on vacation and gearing up for the fall season.

Even at RCG, we’re recharging the batteries. Joel and Sara Jo, our owners, spent a week in New England. Account Manager Rachael Keshishian is in Scotland sightseeing and playing golf on historic courses. Creative Director Jessica Bensten is in the Outer Banks kicking back on the beach.

Yes, we’re still open for business here in Virginia Beach, but as we drift through the “dog days of summer,” now seems the right time to recap our best blog content from the past several months.


Featured photo: Rich (Flickr)

by Amanda Gladstone

August is here and, as an intern, my endless summer has come to a close. Within the next week, my bags will be packed and I will be headed to the mountains for another year on campus at Virginia Tech. However, I will take a lot of new skills and experiences with me.

My time at Rubin Communications has been eye opening, challenging and exciting. The world of public relations is constantly spinning, and it’s impossible to know what to expect when you walk through the door in the morning.

There is rarely a dull moment in the RCG office, and a day can go from 0 to 60 within the blink of an eye. Here is a list of my top 5 RCG summer experiences:

  1. Seatack Elementary School’s Day on the Bay at Westminster Canterbury:  A partnership between the school and the senior living community in Virginia Beach. Field games, the beautiful bay and the priceless looks on the faces of a great group of kids.
  1. Virginia Beach Rescue Squad’s appearance on the Hampton Roads Show: Lights, camera, action. I was proud to see a couple of local heroes in the spotlight.
  1. Lunch and Learns: RCG’s team members have so much to offer the community. It was great to see people come from different industries to learn important PR skills like effective LinkedIn networking.
  1. Client Meetings: Every meeting presents an important opportunity to learn. RCG works with a variety of clients, and I observed how to run a meeting and engage with people from different businesses.
  1. Now Exiting: Comfort Zone: RCG has challenged me like never before. I have learned how to write an effective press release and even improved my phone conversation skills. These opportunities are only available outside of the classroom.

At my internship, I didn’t fetch coffee or to act as a receptionist. Rather, the internships drew me one step closer to a job in the real world. Internships are invaluable and, as I leave, I’ll never be able to fully thank the incredible team here at Rubin for my whirlwind of a summer.

You’re quite welcome, Amanda. Thanks for being a great intern, and good luck at VT in the fall.


By Joel Rubin

For the past couple years, Joel Rubin and the team at Jpixx Video in Virginia Beach have been telling some great stories about young people who have found their callings in the shipyard trades.

They have produced what they call “SMART Choice” videos for the Southeast Maritime and Transportation Center, based at Tidewater Community College in Virginia Beach, which promotes apprentice programs and other educational pathways into those jobs. (more…)

By Rachael Keshishian

Clients often ask how we do it all. No day is “normal.” It takes planning and a lot of teamwork to get the job done and do it well. Luckily, our team features experienced PR professionals who care deeply about our work. Without each member, there’s no way we’d be able to provide the quality service we do.

Curious about an average day for an RCG account manger? Here’s a quick look at a “normal” day for me, specifically June 23, 2015.


This week we spotlight Ashley Martin, RCG senior account manager and indispensable member of our team.

1. How did you get started at RCG?

I was working at a marketing firm in Orlando but looking for a change and excited about the possibility of moving back to Hampton Roads. What drew me to RCG was the fact that we’re locally focused. I previously dealt with national and international clients, but I prefer to be involved and build relationships in my community. The fact that community involvement is strongly encouraged here is also a huge plus.

My first two clients were the Virginia Beach Rescue Squad Foundation and Cintas Corporation, which I continue to represent today. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly eight years.


By Amanda Gladstone, RCG Intern

Content marketing is a huge part of the work we do at RCG. That’s why we had to showcase this article from Public Relations Tactics, one of our favorite online destinations.

In the article called The Standout Search: Creating Smarter Content to Generate Bigger Results by Stephen Dupont, APR, the author argues your content must make a great first impression on the customer or client.

Major points from the article:

  • Highlight Keywords and Search Terms: Ensure that your content uses terms consumers type when they search online for the product or service. Don’t hold back from checking out the competition. You should know how your industry is being marketed so you can offer higher quality content.
  • Solve Problems: Be the resource your consumers need. The goal of your content should be angled towards providing the most accurate and easy-to-access solutions.
  • Tap into an Emerging Trend: The social sphere is your friend. Rely on upcoming trends to draw more relevance between your consumers and your product.
  • Offer a Range of Content: Content is lovable in all shapes and sizes. So create material of different lengths to allow consumers to use what works best for them.

First impressions are everything, and it is vital to ensure that your content makes the most memorable impression. Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on the content’s originality, relevance, credibility and ability to provide the solution the consumer needs.