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Joel and Sara Jo Rubin founded Rubin Communications Group 25 years ago out of the family playroom. Congrats on the anniversary!

Joel and Sara Jo Rubin have been married for 35 years and during most of it they have worked together running what is today Rubin Communications Group. All these years later, we’re still going strong!


My, where has the time gone?


Being Meyera Oberndorf’s “confidante,” as Kerry Dougherty over-described me in The Virginian-Pilot, did have its perks. It gave me access not just to what was happening in her unique life, and how she somehow managed to keep it altogether, but also what it took to be a political survivor in a city that was used to not having a mayor for four consecutive years, much less five consecutive terms.


lessons in crisis communications

by Joel Rubin, APR

Founder and CEO, Rubin Communications Group

Fortunately, we don’t have a crisis every day in Hampton Roads. We often bemoan the fact that we are not major league in sports, but we also do not have many major-league emergencies either – political, criminal, natural or otherwise. Unfortunately, we do have our share of tragedy and turmoil and on occasion, clients ask Rubin Communications Group to be the go-between with the outside world.

So it was on Sunday morning June 23. The attorney for Guadalajara at Town Center in Virginia Beach contacted me for assistance. He told me someone had shot and killed a man and wounded four others outside the restaurant nine hours earlier. That’s all he knew and all, I would learn, police reported at the time. I drove to Guadalajara and met the owner, Jerry Rodriguez, who was in his office rewinding surveillance tape, looking, as police had done earlier that morning, for images of the victim or possibly the perpetrator walking in or out of his establishment sometime before it closed at 1:30 am. There was no sign of either person.