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Fall has arrived, which means it’s time to trade your summer apparel for jeans and sweaters. Whether you are into the Halloween spirit, look to enjoy the fall weather with live music and food or want to dive into some arts and crafts, there’s always something going on.

Here at Rubin Communications Group, we also slow down to enjoy the beauty of the fall season. We asked our staff to share their favorite fall events.


The life of a public relations professional is fast paced and deadline driven.

At RCG, we often operate on a reporter’s timeline to take advantage of an opportunity. Over the years, our flexibility has made the difference between a front page story or missing out on coverage altogether.

Although to be fair, It’s not all hard work. In fact, a nice bonus of coordinating grand openings, press conferences and client promotions is the people you meet. We get to attend amazing events, travel to new places and even meet famous folks — often right here in Virginia Beach.