RCG Lands Media Coverage for Skydiving Marriage Proposal


Travis Burch proposes to his girlfriend, Avian Lain, after they completed a skydive at Skydive Suffolk, our PR client.



When we learned a young couple planned to become engaged after a skydive at our client, Skydive Suffolk, we jumped into action.

What a perfect opportunity for media coverage, we thought.

Turns out, we were right.

On Saturday, January 28, Travis Burch surprised his girlfriend, Avian Lain, with the proposal once they landed on the ground after respective tandem jumps (a jump while connected to a trained professional).

Spoiler alert: Travis had proposed while on the plane with a candy ring pop. The actual ring was waiting safely back on the ground.

When they landed, Travis walked over to Avian for the official proposal — no more ring pop needed!

Travis told us, “I wanted to do a skydiving proposal because I didn’t think anyone had ever done it before.”

Was Avian surprised? You bet! “I had no idea about what Travis was up to,” she said.

Within two hours of the jump (around 3 p.m.), RCG sent the media a short press release and video of the couple’s skydive and marriage proposal.

That night and two times on Sunday, the story appeared on WTKR NewsChannel 3. The TV station also posted the news online.

So much of PR is instinctual. We felt like a skydiving marriage proposal had potential for media coverage. So we trusted our gut.

But the coverage only happened because we acted quickly and gave the media everything it would need to report the story:

– Recap of the event

– Link to the video

– Quotes from the engaged couple

– Contact info

We made it easy to report on the event and, in turn, we landed the coverage.

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