How to Honor a Capital Campaign with the Right Signage

By Jessica Bensten

Beth Sholom Village is rooted in tradition.

Along the nursing home’s walls are large-scale black and white photographs honoring treasured past residents. Each day staff and visitors make their way past these smiling faces to assisted living, rehab or maybe the wellness center.

We know these walls well.

Nestled in the College Park area of Virginia Beach, this long-time RCG client is gearing up for renovations after 36 years in service to the community. As a past president, Joel remembers leading services there with a young Danny as his sidekick. Today, Danny has taken on his dad’s old role, both honoring tradition and investing in the home’s future as his son, Niv, garners attention from residents.


Maybe one day he’ll be up front following in his dad and grandad’s footsteps as well.

When Beth Sholom asked RCG to help name the capital campaign charged with raising millions for the overhaul, the word that kept coming back to Joel was “Honor.” Honor your mother and father. If we honor them, Joel said, our children will honor us.

A wisely named campaign needs to be seen and heard, so we began with a logo, brochure and then Joel, Jenn and Jessica met with BSV Marketing Director Marcia Brodie and our signage vendor, Rob Harrington of Harrington Graphics. Together we toured the facility, stood back and took note of what would stand out.

Being in the physical location allowed us to make appropriate suggestions for verbiage, design, size and logistics. Joel worked strategy while Jenn and Jessica made suggestions on design and size. Rob spoke to the products and how they hang and adhere, and Marcia was able to share what we could relocate and what administration would allow.

The team made final suggestions, submitted quotes and over the next three weeks worked on design and approvals of the following:

  • Pop up banners in the front lobby by the door
  • Pendants on the entry ceiling
  • A large scale high resolution wrap design around the six-paneled Horizons center (to be installed this week!)
  • Shadow box displays for samples with brochure holders


We’re honored to work on the Honor Campaign.

About the Campaign
A $5 million renovation to the Berger-Goldrich home is slated to begin in early 2017. Modernized bathrooms, bedrooms, lights, floors, corridors and a dining room are part of the facelift. Rehab therapy gyms will house state-of-the-art equipment to help patients resume independence and strength. A brand new theatre will showcase films and presentations. For more information, contact Steve Suskin at 757-420-2512.