A Quick Study: Public Relations and the Importance of Learning on the Fly

At Rubin Communications Group, our clients come in all shapes and sizes. We work with corporations and non-profits across a wide array of industries and topic areas. That means, when we bring on a new client, we need to be a quick study in the work they do and the world in which they operate.

Fortunately, we have learned over the years how to “get up the speed” by doing our research and asking the right questions. The result: we are then ready to provide clients effective PR within the context of their business, which includes its many nuances and potential rules and regulations.

Here’s a quick snapshot of how we educated ourselves on clients’ industries:

  • Virginia Dental Association (VDA): To work best with VDA, we had to first understand how it helps dentists through resources and advocacy at the state capitol. Then, we explored the challenges the VDA faces at the local and state levels as well as how the organization engages with its national body — the American Dental Association. Once we gained a complete picture on the VDA and how it operates, we could then provide the most useful PR guidance.
  • Payday Payroll: The Virginia Beach-based company has evolved from a payroll operation to one that now provides HR solutions and even compliance with the Affordable Care Act. As Payday’s PR arm, we needed to recognize the challenges they face and how their competition is adjusting to the new landscape as well.
  • Diamonds Direct: How does a diamond reach the consumer? Before the Virginia Beach location opened, the RCG team traveled to Raleigh to see a Diamonds Direct store in action. We learned about company history, most notably that the founders dedicated more than 30 years of diamond manufacturing expertise into developing the Diamonds Direct experience. We were taken through their sales process from start to finish, during which we came to understand their focus on educating the consumer and building personal relationships. The experience allowed us to learn the company values and culture so we can plan for a great grand opening celebration at the end of this summer.

How can our team study up and help your business? Contact us to start the conversation!