Meet the Team — Jennifer Hill, Our New Account Manager!

Today’s post is the first in our “Meet the Team” series. We’re shining the spotlight on our newest employee, Account Manager Jennifer Hill, who comes all the way from New York City!

1. What brings you to Hampton Roads? How do you like it so far?

After living in New York City for more than three years, I decided it was time for a change of pace. New York has an unparalleled energy – there’s always a new show in town or a new restaurant to try — but I missed the feeling of belonging to a community.

Last summer my boyfriend and I visited friends in Hampton Roads and fell in love with the area. We were immediately attracted to the vibrant, active community – and of course, the beach! I’m very excited to now call Hampton Roads my home.

 2. What are some of your PR specialties? 

My background is specifically in healthcare public relations, working with mostly pharmaceutical clients. Due to the nature of the pharmaceutical industry and its highly regulated environment, I became a very detailed-oriented, driven public relations professional. I am constantly thinking about project timelines and ensuring every deadline is met.

Jenn copy

Say hello to Jennifer Hill, the newest member of the RCG team!

3. What kind of work did you do at your previous job? 

Well, as you know, no day in PR is the same. But, at my previous job I managed the day-to-day needs of our clients, in addition to working on major milestones such as FDA approvals, medical meetings and disease awareness campaigns. I was responsible for developing materials ranging from press releases and fact sheets to social media posts and video scripts, with the goal of informing the public about available treatments and increasing disease awareness. Working with pharmaceutical clients, I frequently dealt with highly scientific information and was tasked with translating it into easily digestible language for the general public. Send me a scientific study or technical language and I promise I can make a press release out of it!

4. What do you think it means to be an effective PR professional?

To be an effective PR professional means being a strategic, thoughtful communicator. Effective PR is ensuring the public fully understands your mission, your vision and who your company or client really is. Each day new issues arise, but it is facing those issues head on, understanding your environment and arming your clients with clear internal and external communications strategies. Of course, it also means having a little bit of fun along the way!

To learn more about RCG’s approach to PR, check out 2015 Public Relations Brand Strategy: Spread the Love Around.

5. What’s one of the craziest days or things you ever saw in New York City?

It’s hard to pick just one – every day was an adventure! My office used to be located downtown in the Financial District, right next to Zuccotti Park. In 2011, the park was taken over by the Occupy Wall Street protestors and received global media attention regarding social and economic inequalities. I’ll say it was quite an experience to go out and grab lunch that month! During the height of the protest, hundreds of people were essentially living in the park and would hold rallies daily. It was amazing to see the passion and dedication of the protestors and how quickly the movement caught on.

Another moment I’ll never forget is when the spire was placed on the top of One World Trade Center. From my apartment, we had a clear view of the building and as we were watching news, we could see the spire lifted to the top of the building outside our window. It was an emotional experience to feel that you were a part of such a symbolic moment.

6. What’s your favorite NYC food?

I can’t believe I have to choose! I would have to say I miss the pizza the most. Before moving to Hampton Roads, I lived in Astoria, NY, which is a section of Queens. There is an amazing pizza restaurant, Milkflower, which was walking distance from my apartment. I wish I could have packed a couple slices in my suitcase!

Astoria is also known for authentic Greek cuisine. I lived right next to a small restaurant, BZ Grill, that had the best gyros – and I didn’t even like Greek food before I moved there! It’s worth looking up if you’re ever in Queens.

7. How can people reach you?

My email is and phone number is (203)-258-9453. Shoot me a note or give me a call – I would love to hear from you!