RCG’s 5 Dos, 5 Don’ts for Facebook Live

By Jessica Bensten and Jenn Hill

Social media is constantly evolving and providing new avenues to reach the masses — especially Facebook.

Have you noticed friends “going live” the last few months?

Facebook Live is one of the latest options on Facebook to create your own news by utilizing your smartphone or computer to broadcast directly onto your personal or company Facebook page.

Thinking of trying it out?

5 Do’s of Facebook Live

  1. Pick a good topic. When using Facebook Live for your business, choose a topic that’s applicable to your target audience or at least timely to current events.
  2. Utilize a host or narrator. If you’re shooting video of something, it’s important to actually talk at the same time. Your audience only knows what you show them, so if the video is confusing and there isn’t someone narrating, they’ll lose interest.
  3. Respond in real time. Take time to type to your commenters and answer their questions. Mention them by name!
  4. Test the WiFi strength before you start. Nothing says disaster like spotty WiFi.
  5. Use a selfie stick. If you’re taking a live video on the move, a selfie stick will give you a steady video and better angles. We all like to avoid the double chin shot.

5 Don’ts of Facebook Live

  1. Don’t go live when you’re not ready. Yikes! Not only is it unprofessional, but it could actually be disastrous. Alert the people around you that you’re going live. They’ll want to check their teeth, hair and language.
  2. Don’t…broadcast without an audience. To have an audience, you need to promote ahead of time.
  3. Don’t…live feed anything and everything you do. While you may think what you’re doing is important, not everything you do is live-worthy.
  4. Don’t…shoot video with inadequate lighting. It’s just polite.
  5. Don’t…be boring! Facebook recommends your Live feeds be at least 10 minutes long so you can build an audience.

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