Facebook and AdWords: Tools of the Future, Today

Technology continues to advance at an alarming pace, and sometimes it feels like once we finally understand how to do something technology related, it becomes a thing of the past. Do not wait to learn this new trend, instead, get ahead and start familiarizing yourself with digital advertising!

Although newspapers and billboards can grab the attention of a small group of people, a majority of successful advertising these days is done digitally. Companies and individuals are using outlets such as Facebook and Google AdWords to find buyers who are particularly interested in their product or services.

By running ad campaigns through Facebook, you, the administrator, can narrow down where your ad is shown with parameters like income level, interests, geographical location, marital status etc. This means that you are able to target a niche audience composed of individuals looking for exactly what you are selling. This ensures that your ad is seen only by those who meet the qualifications for the product you are selling or have shown particular interest in the service or product you are selling, which in turn, leads to more sales for you.

By running ad campaigns through Google AdWords, individuals searching for terms similar or relating to your product or service are shown your advertisement or company name/contact information. This means that even if individuals do not click through to your site, they are still provided with your company phone number and product/service description so they become more familiar with your brand. Although you can only set geographical parameters for your audience, Google AdWords is still very popular since people search for things on Google every day and you can select a wide range of search terms so that individuals are constantly being presented with your advertisement.

Word of advice, GET STARTED NOW! Both Facebook and Google AdWords require a bit of a learning curve, whether it is learning how to navigate the admin sites or running multiple campaigns to find out what terms/parameters drive the most business. However, once you have mastered the sites, the results will pay for themselves.

Do not wait to join the digital advertising era. Start now so that you can be ahead of your competitors and be the success story that everyone talks about.