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Our client, Habitat ReStores of South Hampton Roads, honored its Red Hat volunteers at the 2017 Dream Builders Luncheon on Thursday, December 7 at the Westin in Virginia Beach Town Center.

Thanks to Inside Business for running the photo from the event in a recent issue.

The Red Hats, who oversee construction of the Habitat Homes, were honored as a group as Volunteer of the Year. Many of the Red Hats have volunteered for 10+ years.

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who support the mission!

Technology continues to advance at an alarming pace, and sometimes it feels like once we finally understand how to do something technology related, it becomes a thing of the past. Do not wait to learn this new trend, instead, get ahead and start familiarizing yourself with digital advertising!

Although newspapers and billboards can grab the attention of a small group of people, a majority of successful advertising these days is done digitally. Companies and individuals are using outlets such as Facebook and Google AdWords to find buyers who are particularly interested in their product or services.

By running ad campaigns through Facebook, you, the administrator, can narrow down where your ad is shown with parameters like income level, interests, geographical location, marital status etc. This means that you are able to target a niche audience composed of individuals looking for exactly what you are selling. This ensures that your ad is seen only by those who meet the qualifications for the product you are selling or have shown particular interest in the service or product you are selling, which in turn, leads to more sales for you.

By running ad campaigns through Google AdWords, individuals searching for terms similar or relating to your product or service are shown your advertisement or company name/contact information. This means that even if individuals do not click through to your site, they are still provided with your company phone number and product/service description so they become more familiar with your brand. Although you can only set geographical parameters for your audience, Google AdWords is still very popular since people search for things on Google every day and you can select a wide range of search terms so that individuals are constantly being presented with your advertisement.

Word of advice, GET STARTED NOW! Both Facebook and Google AdWords require a bit of a learning curve, whether it is learning how to navigate the admin sites or running multiple campaigns to find out what terms/parameters drive the most business. However, once you have mastered the sites, the results will pay for themselves.

Do not wait to join the digital advertising era. Start now so that you can be ahead of your competitors and be the success story that everyone talks about.

We were proud to help our client, Habitat for Humanity of South Hampton Roads, stage its “Home Builders Blitz” from June 5-9.

During the “Blitz,” hundreds of volunteers from the community came together and built a house from scratch in the Lake Kennedy neighborhood in Suffolk.

And did we mention Habitat built the home in just FIVE days!

The “Blitz” event was a great opportunity for local builders to invest in their community and provide a deserving family with a place to call home.

During the week, we encouraged media in Hampton Roads to cover the build. We were able to obtain coverage from WAVY, WTKR, WVEC and The Virginian-Pilot.

WAVY: Habitat for humanity building Suffolk home in five days

Photo gallery:


WTKR: Fast paced construction builds Suffolk home in five days

Photo Gallery:


The Virginian-Pilot; Habitat for Humanity blitz in Suffolk builds an entire home in five days


In addition to the “Blitz,”, Habitat for Humanity held a dedication ceremony on Saturday, June 10. At the ceremony, Habitat welcomed the Williams, Jackson, Armstrong, Steward and Boone families to their new homes.

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It is probably counter intuitive that a city as large as Virginia Beach (over 450,000 in population) would still rely on volunteers, a fairly rural tradition, to provide emergency medical services.

But if you’re injured or sick in the resort city, the odds are an ambulance manned by regular citizens, well trained to administer life saving care, will arrive at the scene. Today more than a thousand men and women, ages 18 and up, answer the call, many “running” a weekly 12-hour shift that they incorporate into their otherwise busy work or family schedules.

Shouldn’t someone thank them for this sacrifice of their time and energy? (more…)

When we learned a young couple planned to become engaged after a skydive at our client, Skydive Suffolk, we jumped into action.

What a perfect opportunity for media coverage, we thought.


By Jessica Bensten and Jenn Hill

Social media is constantly evolving and providing new avenues to reach the masses — especially Facebook.

Have you noticed friends “going live” the last few months?

Facebook Live is one of the latest options on Facebook to create your own news by utilizing your smartphone or computer to broadcast directly onto your personal or company Facebook page.

Thinking of trying it out?


By Jessica Bensten

Beth Sholom Village is rooted in tradition.

Along the nursing home’s walls are large-scale black and white photographs honoring treasured past residents. Each day staff and visitors make their way past these smiling faces to assisted living, rehab or maybe the wellness center.

We know these walls well. (more…)

By Jenny Freebus

Senior, Ocean Lakes High School

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to wrap up the internship I was fortunate to land through Virginia Beach City Public Schools.

My time with Rubin Communications Group has been filled with memorable experiences and opportunities. Within the next week, I’ll be back at Ocean Lakes High School to start my senior year, and I know the skills I learned this summer will play a significant role in my work habits. Here’s a list of the top five skills I learned at RCG:

  1. Quick thinking is a must. Whether it’s brainstorming ideas at a staff meeting or searching for a quick fix in the field, thinking fast will serve you well. In the public relations world, everything tends to have a short turnaround time so there’s little time to waste.
  2. Maintaining a professional attitude is crucial when representing a business and talking to clients. It’s important to remain calm, cool and collected so as not to damage the reputation of the business you represent. A bad encounter now could jeopardize work in the future.
  3. Keep a positive mindset. When talking to current or potential clients, it’s essential to remain positive and practical because pleasing the client without setting their expectations to an unreasonable height is the biggest priority.
  4. The importance of research. Whether the task is to find background information on a potential client or local nonprofits in the area, doing research shows investment in your clients. It also helps you gain a better understanding of the work expected of you.
  5. Soft skills. The Hampton Roads community is large, but it’s also friendly. People are interested in how your day is going so having the skills to converse with clients and other professionals goes a long way. In the business community, it’s important to be personable because it opens the door for networking and forging new relationships with other business and community leaders.

Through the internship, I experienced the “real business world” for the first time and learned the difference between advertising and public relations. The PR world moves pretty fast, and the skills I gained will help me no matter what career I pursue.

I am grateful to everyone at Rubin Communications for their constant support and guidance.

The vast majority of our clients are good people who give back to the community.

But everyone, us included, can learn a lesson from Jim Lang, an environmental attorney with Pender & Coward in Virginia Beach.

Not only did Jim finally prevail on behalf of his own client, but he then rolled up his sleeves and convinced others to roll up theirs, to really fix the problem his advocacy solved. (more…)

At Rubin Communications Group, our clients come in all shapes and sizes. We work with corporations and non-profits across a wide array of industries and topic areas. That means, when we bring on a new client, we need to be a quick study in the work they do and the world in which they operate.