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You know the expression, “It’s not what you say but how you say it”?

The maxim applies 100 percent to the world of public relations. We strive to hit the right tone with our corporate videos because the client needs the finished product to evoke a certain feeling. The wrong vibe could distract or, worse yet, spoil the intended purpose of the project.


Boy, is it a busy week for the public relations staff at Rubin Communications Group!

From an anniversary event in Virginia Beach to competitive senior games in Newport News and free oral cancer screenings in Charlottesville, our clients (see past and current clients) have us on our toes with events across the state. If you see it in the news, chances are we made it happen.

Here’s what’s happening at RCG this week:


Look, I’ll be the first to tell you an inbox is a sacred space. There’s no need to subscribe to an e-newsletter full of unnecessary information.

On the other hand, the right e-newsletter is worth every click and can make you a smarter working professional.


By Jessica Bensten

Over the last decade, things have changed quite a bit in public relations and marketing.

Back in 2005, reporters and editors were the judge and jury when it came to what got covered. It was either convince the media your client’s story was worth their attention or there was no story.


Below is a recent blog post from News To Live By, the website written by RCG Vice President Danny Rubin. News To Live By highlights the career advice “hidden” in the headlines.

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by Rachael Keshishian

“New Year, New You” is not just about eating more salads and hitting the gym. Okay, for me it is, but this “fresh start” mentality goes for big companies too. Every new year brings new opportunities for brands to re-invent themselves and increase sales. McDonald’s is no exception. The fast food chain announced a “brand transformation,” changing its philosophy on how the company reaches and communicates with customers.


Happy holidays from the RCG team!

All year, we wrote blog posts about our current projects and best practices for PR/marketing. We believe 100% in the power of content marketing and use our blog to spread our knowledge and services.

We looked back at our site traffic in 2014 to uncover our most popular blog posts. Here are the top five.


Today’s blog post is a quick writing lesson from News To Live By, the career advice blog maintained by RCG Vice President Danny Rubin.

Read the original blog post here.

Pronouns make it difficult for readers to understand your message. In many cases, you should delete the pronoun (ex: “this”) and use the actual word or phrase.

Example: “I am proud of this because…”

Better written as: “I am proud of the decision to start my own business because…”


1. Hit CTRL+F and look for these pronouns: thisthatthese and those.

2. If the pronoun represents a word or phrase, consider if you should delete and replace.

  • “I wrote that to prove a point” becomes “I wrote the grammar lesson to prove a point”
  • “Sally gave me this to say thanks” becomes “Sally gave me the present to say thanks”
  • “The Millers need these for the vacation” becomes “The Millers need the house keys for the vacation”
  • “John handed me those to be helpful” becomes “John handed me the hammer and nails to be helpful”

3. Check your edits for clarity and comprehension.

4. Voila! You made your work sharper and more professional in a few quick minutes.

Save this today’s blog post for future reference!

To avoid cavities this Halloween, make sure you listen to…a group of children?

That’s right! The RCG team created a video this week for our client the Virginia Dental Association as a timely and fun way to promote oral health. We recruited four dental “experts” to educate parents and their kids on candy and cavities.