4 Verbs Way Better Than “Get” or “Got”

The laziest verb in the English language, in my opinion, is “get” (or “got”).

Why lazy? We use “get” for so many scenarios that the word now lacks any character. Instead, we should get a more descriptive verb.

See? There I go again with “get.”

Let’s try the sentence again.

Instead, we should choose a more descriptive verb.

Much better.

Here are three more uses of “get” and how to fix each one.

  1. Before: I’m excited to get the front-row concert tickets. After: I’m excited to receivethe front-row concert tickets.
  2. Before: He got up and walked right out of the meeting. After: He stood up and walked right out of the meeting.
  3. Before: I can’t believe we were able to get her as a keynote speaker. After: I can’t believe we were able to land/book/secure her as a keynote speaker.

Get my drift? 🙂